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Ballet Lessons

Ballet Lessons I went to the ballet the other night; it taught me a lesson. The softness and grace, and the gentle femininity of it was such a contrast to the harsh world outside. It was like a… Read more

At the Window of Tomorrow

At the Window of Tomorrow At the window of tomorrow I saw many a yesteryear. It was easy to see where we’d come In the intervening time– How we’d grown, and struggled, and triumphed Beyond the yesteryear… Read more

Emotional Techniques for Healing Yourself

Emotional Techniques for Healing Yourself The pain of the world is so extraordinary right now many people are not in their right mind. You have to detach and hold steady or you’ll be sucked in. Consider these things as… Read more

The Currency Of Kindness

The Currency Of Kindness A most powerful force is kindness. It seems to have a life of its own. It´s like a manifested organism multiplying on the inside and the outside. Highly contagious. There are levels… Read more

A Big Happy Summer Solstice

It feels pretty good to be here today, it feels like one can finally breathe again. So here we are taking a big breath of life. It’s been a bit patchy sketchy since December, regardless we have pressed on through it all to arrive at this beautiful day. Many things are not quite as far along as we had planned but in the end all projects were started and some have… Read more


With every Sulis Stone order you'll get a little gift, 23x17 mm, silver-finished steel cage.  Read more


Solid perfume
Patchouli, blended with the light sweet scent of blooming roses, adds sweet and floral undertones.
Rose oil elevating to the mind and spirit. Patchouli oil, sweet spicy aroma, with a hint of Amber, relieve stress and give a feeling of… Read more

New Mystic Rose Soap

Our Rose soap cleanses without stripping or upsetting the delicate natural pH balance necessary for soft, healthy skin, and rinses without leaving a soapy film behind.
Made with Rose Essential Oil and Coconut Oil.
In Feng Shui Rose oil is used… Read more

Christos Water

An Anomoly in the Water

Christos Water The Christos Water contains the energies and codes of the Christos Anomaly, it is placed in a bottle inside a bottle so that you can touch it without changing…  Read & see more

The Fringe Dwellers Guide to Almost Everything

Weekend Seminar-In-A-Box Series

The Fringe Dwellers Guide to Almost Everything In this entertaining and informative audio series, Stuart Wilde lays out the tactics and nature of the Fringe Dwellers mentality -- how to be  Read & see more

Spirit of Lavender

Spirit of Lavender Spirit Of Lavender One of the world’s most beautiful flowers yields a small miracle in a bottle. We searched for over two years for a farm that could…  Read & see more

Blue Spirit

Blue Spirit This beautiful oil protects your energy, soothes your body and clears your mind. The smallest of applications immediately releases our aromatic…  Read & see more