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Black Tourmaline Protection Bracelets

Black Tourmaline Protection Bracelets
As we remember our connection to Gaia we can align to what she has made naturally available to help us, we can begin to heal ourselves. It is no secret that just standing next to a waterfall for a few minutes’ refreshes ones state of being, you leave feeling revitalized. The songs of birds easily produce states of calm, introspection and joy. Gaia is filled with natural balancing mechanisms that your body and spirit immediately respond to.

There was a time when we maintained a natural balance in this world, nature was our pharmacy, our healer. It is only the modern control and belief systems that separate us from her helping hands. The codes of our bodies are written within Gaia herself, and the codes of healing and balance are written in all things of the natural world we live in. We are constantly bombarded negative thoughts, energies, microwaves, and radio frequencies to mention but a few of the dark influences of our daily lives. Black tourmaline is one of her great gifts to us, and one that is so apropos for the modern world that we have created.

The Healing Powers of the Tourmaline

One of Black Tourmaline's strongest attributes is in absorbing negative energy which is way they are attributed to such a long list of healing properties such as:
Grounding and balancing your energy, protection from radiation, dispelling of nightmares, protection from psychic attacks, control of obsessions and neurosis, balancing the effects of jet-lag, invigorating and strengthening, calming of the nerves, helping to balance hormones, dispelling fear and grief, help with arthritis, they are used to energize and filter water, and as an aid when seeking inspiration or understanding. Of course these are just a few of what people have experienced while aligning to the amazing properties of Black Tourmaline.

Working and healing with your bracelets

The bracelets are often worn on the left wrist. Most of the negative energy we encounter comes in from the left so it is a natural fit there. You can obviously wear it on the right if that is more comfortable for you and many people keep them under their pillows at night if they aren’t comfortable sleeping with them on their wrist. You may also wish to hang them from your bed post at night as they have long been used as protection from nightmares and physic attacks while sleeping. And for those of you who simply aren’t comfortable wearing anything on your wrists you can simple keep the bracelet in one of your pockets or hand bag.

These bracelets are excellent protection from negative effects of cell phones, and don’t be surprised if your bracelet buzzes or vibrates as it reacts to the energy of the phone. This is just one of the amazing properties carried within its crystalline, geometric code, and while little is truly know about this, is known that when an electrical charge or wave is applied to the bracelet an opposite charge is sent out pushing against the negative incoming charge in an attempt to balance.

Black tourmaline is very sensitive so much so that it can in fact detect the presence of a human being walking past it. It is sensitive to electricity in all known forms, and energy from this and other dimensions. Though complex and little understood energy must follow its own set of rules, regardless of its expression or origin, tourmaline is naturally sensitive to it.

A Brief History of Tourmaline

theophrastusWhile it has been used for healing and protection by the shamans and healers of the ancient tribes across several regions longer than we will ever know, the first written record of its amazing properties appeared about 314 BC in Greece. Theophrastus had been a student of Plato and later became the successor to Aristotle. While he was writing on subjects such as natural science, and metaphysics, he began to study the remarkable properties of black tourmaline. He recorded what is now termed the Pyroelectric and Piezoelectric effects of black tourmaline. These crystals could generate an electric field in response to an applied stress or pressure, rubbing and especially heating and cooling.

Originally known as Schorl when the mineral was widely imported to Europe from Sir Lanka in the early 1700s, were it was prized as a protection against disease and death. It later became known as tourmaline derived from two Sinhalese words, meaning "stone attracting ash".

The Making of the Black Tourmaline Protection Bracelets

The Crystals - Our black tourmaline or Schorl crystals are fair trade tourmaline originating from Brazil.

Hand Crafted - Many of the crystals are found just as you see them and sometimes these rough straws are cleaved to make the consistent size of each piece in the bracelet. Other crystals are graded for size first, then tumbled and polished to a beautiful luster. The crystals are then drilled and double strung with a material that frays long before it breaks as a visual indicator to have the bracelet restrung.

One Size Fits Most - They will stretch slightly over time. If you have tiny wrists you can always take it to a local bead shop or jeweler to have a few stones removed, and for those of you out there with extra large wrists we can send you a couple extra crystals if you need them..

Preparing the bracelets – We are using the natural running water method detailed below to clean and clear the bracelets before they are placed in their pouch and shipped to you.

How to protect and care for your bracelets

Tourmaline absorbs that which we consider negative energy, and this is why regularly caring for your bracelet is a good practice, Not only cleaning it physically with a light soapy water but clearing it from the build up of stored negative energy.

This can be done very effectively in a few different ways. One can place the bracelet in a glass of pure water and leave it out at least over night in a full moon; a few drops of lavender in the water will also help this process. You can also place the bracelet in a stream or river, running water works best and try leaving it in the water over night is possible. Three days has been said to be ideal using this method. Burying your bracelet in the earth is another way to cleanse and rejuvenate the crystals.

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