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Grace Gaia and the End of Days

Stuart Signs First Edition copies

Grace Gaia and the End of Days
This is a rare and unique opportunity to have a personally signed and inscribed First Edition copy of this beautiful book. Each book is embossed, hand numbered and Stuart has personally inscribed a message and signed each copy. All of you who are ordering this keepsake book at this time are guaranteed a low number edition. It is destined to become quite a collector’s item and a wonderful opportunity for those of you like me who have followed Stuarts work for many years.

We have a limited supply of these copies and there are no more books left in the printer’s warehouse. The small number of copies that are still out in book shops is all there is left in addition to what remains of the last 3000 copies that are here. The book is not scheduled to be reprinted, and though there are approximately 3000 copies in our warehouse we currently have only 300 signed copies in stock and there may or may not be more made available.

People have asked why the book not scheduled for a second printing. I believe the answer is quite simple. As a reader of Stuart’s work you will know well that his insights and observations can be quite challenging to us. Then just imagine how challenging they are to the very traditional publishing industry and the status quo of the new age.

Stuart had said years ago that one day he will write books that he couldn’t write at the time, books that may or may not be popular with either the masses or the powers that be. They would be works that challenge people and society to their core. A few years ago the time had arrived and Stuart the true visionary who has always been ahead of his time decided to step out of the “new age ghetto”. He first began sharing his new insights on the Stuart Wilde Blog, and then he followed with The Redeemers Club and the Mystical Transcendental Tours. He returned to writing books and showed us the collapse of the ivory tower in the book “The Art of Redemption” which was closely followed by “Grace Gaia and the End of Days” and most recently a return to the original Taoist philosophies in the heart felt book “Plum Red”. Stuart has freed himself from the restrictive systems of control as he teaches us to free ourselves from those very same systems that dominate and control the different aspects of our lives.

An excerpt from Grace, Gaia, and The End of Days:
An Alternative Way for the Advanced Soul, by Stuart Wilde
264 pages, 6” x 9” Trade Paperback Format

…Grace can carry you to dimensions and places of learning far beyond anything discovered by humankind before. Grace can grant you clemency for your darkness and liberate you. Grace is pure love; it is a great gift, the Sacred Healer, but it is one that is poorly understood. In this book, I seek to redress that and give you the keys to levels of metaphysical comprehension and sophistication not available elsewhere…

Stuart Wilde is a prolific writer with twenty of his books published to date. They appear in more than fifteen foreign languages, with a total of ninety-five different books and audio works in circulation

Best known for his works on metaphysics and consciousness, including the popular series The Taos Quintet: Miracles, The Force, Affirmations, The Quickening, also The Trick to Money is Having Some, and Gods Gladiators…

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