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On a Wing and a Prayer

by: Soren Dreier

On a Wing and a Prayer Recently I’ve come across a lot of young people between the age of 17 – 26 that seem to be on a holding pattern. It took me a while to connect the dots, until it revealed a synchronicity.

I´m talking about young people seeking advice on the journey through life. They don’t seem to fit the usual coordinates. For now. They will – They bring the new GPS.

The youngsters I´ve come across seem to have these things in common:

Education: Can’t seem to engage or find anything remotely interesting.

Love Life: Very few romantic affairs if any.

Work: Yes they want to work, but no vacancies.

Friends: If, very few.

So there’s a choice to be made here in perception of this:

Are those things, really symptomatic of youth not lived fully or are they something else. Something to cherish. I would go with the last one.

They simply don’t fit in the Matrix-Coordinates and what do we have: They don’t go on Facebook and so on. Nooo, they visit: Rense, Wilde and yours truly, in order to stay tuned. I mentioned it once to Stuart, and he said: Yes I have a lot of teens on my site. Cool.

They are so smart in every way. The know about health, food, vaccines, and chemtrails, in a way that makes me go: Whoa I wish I had known all that at that age, thank you very much.

Their “lack” of friends, is no lack. They would need friends with the same high vibration and if you´re one of them, no worries. Friends will come. You are certainly not alone on this planet.

The “lack” of love life is no lack. It´s karma. They don’t have that much of it on that scale and it actually makes great sense, that they would wait, sometimes unknowingly so, until the match can be made. Be patient. Wait.

Work makes sense also.
They seem to want something that embeds their passion. No need to rush it either. When the Matrix is down, they will be the build up force.

They are so self-reliant, so clear eyed emotionally, spiritually and mentally that it sends shivers down my spine. They are metaphysically street wise and they will zap you by their presence.

I get why people would fear them.

Sweet sweet celestial souls. Should spook the living daylights out of the drones in the matrix and it does: So watch out for attacks.

My guess is that within the next three years we will se them hovering over the psychological landscape, touching down where needed. Bringing healing where needed, providing nourishment on what ever level to the hungry.

And yet they feel despair, and their parents do, since they don’t follow the more traveled road. They cant. Its hollow to them.

As parents, we must be careful not to push them into the Matrix construct. They don’t need that “education”, they already have the higher one of decency.

Kids. Keep your cool, don’t despair and don’t forget your celestial blueprint. We need it badly.

Everything will unveil itself at exactly the right moment. This universe brings nothing into shape just to let it pass.

Have fun, don’t despair and get ready.

Touchdown is imminent – Stand aside.

Soren Dreier © 2013 - the Sacred Tears of Gaia