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While meditating with the stone on my forehead, saw and felt a blue-ish energy push my head down…

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The Agua Sulis Stone

by: Stuart Wilde

The Agua Sulis Stone
The Agua Sulis stone is a smooth, tumbled crystal. It is like no other stone in the world. It is encrypted with special codes. Hold it while meditating or when you are in need of a spiritual healing.

Sulis Minerva

Sulis is the Celtic goddess of healing who has been worshiped for thousands of years. The Romans called her Minerva, a name they took from the Etruscans. The goddess of wisdom, medicine, and the arts, she is often depicted with an owl. In the Aluna, we've seen visions of her where she is eight feet tall with wings that are twice her height. Agua Sulis means the healing water of Sulis.

The encryption of your stone

The stone is just a tumbled crystal but it is one of the most powerful stones in the world. It has an information field inside of it. And inside that information field is the answer. It is up to you to unravel it bit-by-bit, so that it opens the door for you. The stone you will receive was encrypted by:

Washing at Avalon It was brought to and washed in the waters of Avalon which is real lake here in 3-D. Through that sacred act you are linked to the Camelot and the anomalies and the chivalry and the honour of that place.

The Blessing It was also brought to and placed on the altar of a tiny 800 year old church where it was blessed by the Celestial Beings there. It is the altar where five of us have seen a total of twelve visions of the Returned Jesus, sometimes appearing with a woman dressed in blue.

The Om and Ka Pulse And finally it is imbued with codes that come from the Om and Ka pulse—Om is the eternal celestial woman and Ka is her consort, the celestial man—and that pulse, the most powerful manifestation of the God Force that we know of at this time, is in the stone. It is the pulse that is at the centre of the Shimmering Door. The encryption of the Om and Ka pulse in the stone grants you a new serenity. It opens a portal into a celestial world.

Working and healing with your stone

Hold the stone when you meditate and blank your mind. Be as still as possible and notice any perceptions and sensations you feel. Notice the power of the stone building as you let go and release and become ever more at peace with yourself and all living things. You can also gently blow love across the stone and cleanse your room and body. If you had one of the light pens or know of them, this stone and practice can replace it and essentially do the same job.

How to protect and care for your stone

Clean your stone with lavender water. You can also leave it in the sunlight to purify it.

Periodically clean your stone with a drop of lavender oil and a soft cloth. For a deeper clean, put your stone in a glass of water with three drops of lavender oil and leave in the sunlight for several hours. You can also leave it out on clear nights when there’s a full moon and then use the lavender and sunlight method.

No one but you should touch this stone as it is yours and for your evolution. If anyone does touch it, go through the lavender water process and when complete, blow love into the stone while holding it in you hand.

Stuart Wilde © 2010 - the Sacred Tears of Gaia