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The Christos Anomaly

by: SW

The Christos Anomaly The Christos Anomaly

The Christos anomaly is a phenomena that occurs when the edge of two dimensional curves overlap each other. So, imagine the curve on the left is the edge of our three dimensions (vectors) and the one on the right comes in from a higher plane that is at 90 degrees from us, to overlap it, the higher dimension is celestial, it maybe a nine dimensional field or even higher.

There is an almond-shape created in the center. It’s really one of the most magical things I have ever experienced. When I’m in it, my voice goes very deep like a basso profondo in an opera. The anomaly can last 20 minutes or several hours. It’s a protection thing. It’s spontaneous I don’t control it, it only ever comes in when there are extremes of danger about, I have experienced it 60-80 times in four years.

The Christos anomaly is one of those magical ‘other world’ things, like the celestial pulse the women get, that have become a part of the journey.

From visions we have seen that the Christos Water comes from inside an anomaly that is inside a C with a revered C. What this means is the water is infused with a celestial power from another dimension akin to the power of the hands of Jesus.


The Christos water is so powerful it can more or less heal anything, it depends a bit on the soul of the sick person not so much their disease.

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Stuart Wilde

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