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The Evolution of the Species

by: Stuart Wilde

Stuart Wilde’s Fourth Alternative—Dematerialization Theory

The Evolution of the SpeciesApes
(Short Version)

1) The Creationists believe the world started 6000 year ago.

2) The Theory of Evolution says particles clanged together four billion years ago to evolve the apes and then us. Mathematically this theory is ludicrous (see long version below).

3) Intelligent Design Theory says God, or some other power created humans but it doesn’t say specifically how that came about.

4) Wilde’s Forth Alternative—Dematerialization Theory is explained in details in the long version below. Essentially it states that the earth and our reality and our human bodies exist in a hazy-wave state as well as a solid state.

Wilde says humans can dematerialize, a phenomenon that has been seen by him and others over 1000 times since he first discovered it in 2001. If a human can walk out of 3-D and dematerialize, then they must also be able to walk in here from another non-solid dimension, one that may be trillions of eons old, that would allow for humans and animals to be older than our earth and even the Universe.

Where Did Humans Come From? (Stuart Wilde's The Fourth Alternative—Dematerialization)

(Long Version)


There is a long-lasting battle raging in America between the Christian right and scientists as to the origins of man. Some Christians take the Bible story of Genesis literally. They believe God made Adam and Eve six thousand years ago, and that all the animals and plants of the world began at that time.

This theory is called creationism. So when presented with evidence that fossils have been laid down in sediment that is known to be millions of years old, the creationists say that it’s a trick to test their faith.

The Theory of Evolution—Particle Clang Theory

The scientists believe in the theory of evolution and Darwin’s survival of the fittest. So tall giraffes eat more leaves than shorter ones, so they survived to give birth to progeny that over time got taller and taller and that is why a giraffe is as tall as it is today. The evolutionists also believe that four billion years ago particles on earth clanged together randomly to form proteins and DNA molecules, and that from that ‘particle-clang’ process, single-cell life forms grew in the primordial soup of early earth to become humans.

Some believe that Darwin said that humans evolved from the apes. But that was misinformation put out by those that were antagonistic to Darwin’s theories that hoped to ridicule him into submission. In fact, Darwin never said that modern man evolved from the apes. He said there is a gap in the fossil record and that he did not know how modern man evolved.

The chance of particles bumping together to form the right amino acid chain to establish one life-sustaining protein are 10130 or 10 with one hundred and thirty zeros. Paul Davies, who wrote The 5th Miracle, says that life requires hundreds of thousands of proteins and the chances of them all coming together at random are 10 40,000. This compares to an estimated 1087 total particles in the universe.

Then the odds that millions of protein molecules happen into existence by chance, just as millions of DNA atoms also happened to become viable at the same instance, and that they bound together to form millions of species of animals, plants and insects here on earth, would be 10 to the power of all the zeros you could put down on a piece of paper between here and a distant galaxy.

The problem with the theory of evolution and the particle-clang theory is that it is mathematically fraught, and in terms of evolutionary scales the total of the earth’s existence, four billion years, is not a very long time. Many believe there has not been enough time for the random clanging of particles to create life, never mind enough to form the human eye, or a finger nail, or fifty million animals, insects, and plant species that exist or have existed on earth.

Intelligent Design

There is a third theory, called ‘intelligent design’. It is akin to creationism in that it says that a superior intelligence created life on earth, but the followers of intelligent design don’t agree with the Christians’ six thousand-year time frame; they side with the evolutionists in believing life on earth is hundreds of millions of years old. (The oldest documented fossils of living animals are 540 million years old).

Some say it was God that designed life on earth, and others say they don’t know who designed intelligent life, except that it must have been a civilization that is older and superior to ours. Some believe that aliens placed us here as an experiment, and while no one can disprove the idea, there isn’t any evidence for it either.

The problem with the theory of aliens from another star system is they would also be living on an earth-like planet that sustains life that is in this universe, and that planet may not be any older than ours. So there is every chance that aliens from another system would not be any further forward than we are.

Cro-Magnon Man

What is unexplainable is that modern man (Cro-Magnon man), suddenly appeared in the fossil record thirty-to-forty thousand years ago. There is no fossil record of us having evolved from any other beings or animals, and there is no record of us having been here on earth before thirty-five thousand years ago. Modern man is not linked via DNA to the Neanderthals, whatsoever. So the fossil mystery gives rise to a speculation I call the ‘plopped-on-earth’ theory. The question is what form of intelligence (if any) dropped us off here thirty-five thousand years ago.

The Fourth Alternative—Dematerialization

The answer may be found in a fourth alternative, a transdimensional theory that says we weren’t exactly dropped off; but that we walked in from another dimension. We know from watching the Morph sensation that I have written about extensively on my site that this world is not always solid.

When the Morph appears strongly in a room, it seems as if there are fast-moving striations that move across your vision with many vortexes and swirls in it. You can put your hand up in it and your hand will dematerialize. It sounds extraordinary but we have seen that phenomena more than a thousand times. I’ve also seen humans completely dematerialize in front of my eyes and not reappear for ten minutes or more. I’ve done it myself with others watching. This phenomenon of dematerialization has now been seen by me and others over a thousand times, since I first discovered it in the spring of 2001. So we have become convinced.

One night, I was out in a garden teaching a mate of mine from Montreal how to dematerialize, when a golden ring of light formed on the lawn. It appeared from nowhere. There was no obvious source to the light or any beam shining down from above. It was just there. So I told my mate to walk out and stand in the ring of gold, and he did that and ‘blip’ he was gone. He came back into view a while later, but when he was gone, he was totally out of sight. I could clearly see the distant trees through the area where he had been standing.

The other dimensions I write about, that Paul Dirac postulated (1930) exist as antiparticle worlds, and seem to our perception to be placed at arm’s length to us. They are close, not out in space a million miles away. So if a human can dematerialize and walk out of here, then it might also be possible, that at some point in ancient history, humans walked into this 3-D world from another more rarefied dimension close at hand, the walk-in theory might be possible. It’s certainly food for thought.

Are Humans Older than our Universe?

The problem with all the other theories of origins of man is that they look at the earth and humans as solid. Once you realize that the planet’s solidity is an illusion and that it also exists in a non-solid, hazy-wave, transdimensional form, then it is perfectly feasible that a human could walk out of a multi-dimensional, non-solid, close-by hyperspace into the 3-D earth plane and become solid flesh and blood once he or she got here.

Then particle-clang looks silly as the origins of our humanity and all of life on earth could well have begun in an eternal, twenty-six dimensional hyperspace that might have existed for trillions upon trillions of eons, before this universe came into being, just 13.8 billions years ago. It is probable that no modern scientist has ever seen the dematerialization of the human body so the Fourth Alternative would never have occurred to them.

Humans and the animals could be very old, much older than our universe. It is also very possible that our Universe is just one of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of universes, that various human species have evolved in, over timeframes that are so astronomical in length, they boggle the mind.

Here below is a P.S. about the origins of man that I saw in the Mirror World as a vision.

The Origins of Man in the Mirror World-Aluna

The mystical shamans of South America call the Mirror World, the Aluna. In the Aluna, there is a record of the origins of man on earth. In there, it is shown that man walked in naked from another dimension, but he was initially a bit of an automaton, unable to cope. It was as if his brain was not as yet activated to deal with a world of three dimensions and gravity, so he initially lay down on the ground and fell asleep.

While he slept, a being came to him from another world, and it placed six psilocybin mushrooms on his chest, three down one side and three down the other. When the man woke, he found the mushrooms and being hungry, he ate them. Awhile later, the mushrooms’ affect took hold of him, and his brain that had been previously dormant, clicked into action, and the man rose and stumbled off to find others, who had also walked into this three dimensional plane on exactly the same day. I would presume women got here in the same way, at the same time as the men.

What is fascinating is that the anthropologist and ethnobotanist Terence McKenna, who wrote Food of the Gods, knew about the mushroom activation of human consciousness theory, but he did not consider the Fourth Alternative I have suggested, the walk-in theory discussed above.

He also believed humans evolved from a primitive state akin to automatons, but he did not say where those primitive beings came from, but he did suggest that they then took the mushrooms, and so they developed the self-aware consciousness that we know today.

I have no idea how we will ever prove the walk-in theory, because by its very nature it left no trace of what happened, but as creationism and evolutionism are mathematically ludicrous and open to question, it might be an idea to consider the possibility of walk-ins.

A sophisticated form of the intelligent design theory might be right in the end, as it doesn’t preclude walk-ins, and when dealing with other dimensions in hyper-space, one isn’t constrained by the tightness of a few billion years, that particle-clang theory asks us to believe in.

I reckon we walked in here just as the animals and the insects did, and that life is trillions-upon-trillions of eons older than our rather new universe.

Stuart Wilde © 2012 - the Sacred Tears of Gaia