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I get a distinct burning feeling in my hand when I hold it, thought it was my imagination, but…

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The Mystery of the Sacred O

by: SW

The Mystery of the Sacred O

The Mystery of the Sacred O, is a collaboration between renowned new age author Stuart Wilde, and music composer Richard Tyler. This album consists of twelve songs that honor the earth spirit Gaia, and the masculine (Ka), and feminine (Om) creative energies of our Universe. Meditative, ambient, and yet thought provoking, each song guides the listener through the heart, and offers an alignment to the perfect symmetry of love.

“The golden female Om is as vast as eternity. Ka’s light travels through Om’s universe to light up her world, and cool himself down. Their children are the stars and galaxies. The pulse created by these two energies is at 240 beats a minute, and this collection of songs honors their love and the eternal pulse they emit. The Sacred O, some listeners can feel it deep inside their soul.”
Stuart Wilde

SW © 2010 - the Sacred Tears of Gaia