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I often meditate with the stone on my 3rd eye. I often feel pressure starting there and working…

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The Sacred Protection of Lavender

by: Stuart Wilde

The Sacred Protection of LavenderLavender Fields
Lavender because of its beauty, aroma and color is the greatest of all the protection devices we have available. We use the oil against ill will projected by others, and the negative forces of ghoulish beings that are found in cities and even in nature.

Put a drop of the lavender oil on your head when you shower, or put some in your bath water, you can also rub some on your wrists after washing.

If you have a job where you have to handle things, paperwork, groceries say, wash your hands in warm water and rub some oil on them, that protects you from influences that are transmitted to you from the things you touch. You can also put it on your belly, your heart and other chakras.

And put some drops of lavender on your pillow when you sleep to keep you safe. (sw)

Stuart Wilde © 2011 - the Sacred Tears of Gaia