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I get a distinct burning feeling in my hand when I hold it, thought it was my imagination, but…

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A Brilliant White Flame

I'd like to say that the Sulis crystal is the most secretive stone I have ever encountered.

I have always had an affinity with stones. Before this, I had never met a stone who wouldn't speak to me directly. Its personal history has been wiped out. Which of course stands to reason if it was re-vibrated by Stuart or by the Beings that he works with.

The night before I received the Sulis crystal, I had gone to bed with two crystals (a ball and a small wand). I saw, in the hand with the ball, a brilliant white flame.

In the other hand, the small wand burst into a long, sharp sword made of light. I got the impression that the hand with the ball was actually holding the Sulis crystal. I had no idea why I saw this. But now, I think it was to tell me that I need to have two or more stones to filter information because when I meditate with the Sulis crystal alone, there is only swirling light or nothing at all. When there is a second stone, the light materializes into visions.

Some are very beautiful, like children transforming into brilliant white light. Some are rather harsh, like wars and ghoulish people everywhere. I can't honestly say what exactly is coming from the Sulis crystal and what is coming from the other stones.

I have no doubt that she is teaching me, I just don't know which teachings/visions she is bringing me. It is a mystery why the Sulis crystal wants her information obscured. Perhaps she wants to confuse me or the ghouls or both. I accept it and I am extremely grateful for everything.

It's all good and I look forward to seeing Stuart in September.

Thank you so much.

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