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My Sulis Stone has become a treasure to me. I carry it everywhere, sleep & meditate with it…

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Bluish Energy Pushing Head Down

First of all, a very big thank you to Stuart for all of this, when I first held the stone it felt like there might be hope for me after all. Here are a couple of the experiences that have happened in the past two months.

While meditating with the stone on my forehead, saw and felt a blue-ish energy push my head down into the floor.

Ringing in the ears, pin through my right eye, lots of pressure around the eyes, crown and 3rd eye chakras. Seen some swirling vortex like thing that was different colors, white-silver wriggly lines, and some white dots here in there, the morph?

The most impacting thing to happen is meeting up with someone I know and just wanting to know how he felt, no games at all, just caring about him. Also just being excited about meeting with people.

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