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My Sulis Stone has become a treasure to me. I carry it everywhere, sleep & meditate with it…

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Feeling Humbled

It's a very quiet peaceful stone, I received approx 2 weeks ago.

Sometimes I hear it talk in sentences. All with this stone is very very subtle. It almost feels neutral and dormant at times.

I carry it every day, sleep with it at night and clear it every morning with heart breath. Since partnering with it - I've been humbled more times than I can count. Any opinion or judgement I've ever had about anything is sent right back at me to see I'm no better than that which I judged.

Along with the feeling of being humbled is the highlight that I feel more alive than I have in years!!

P.S. The pretty white bag is a great idea when mailing it. I use the bag to tie the stone inside my clothing so that it doesn't get lost.

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