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The Sulis Stone has become a friend during my evening meditation. It is sacred to me; it generates…

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Meditations with the Sulis Stone

Here are two meditations I had with the Sulis Stone:

1.I look into the Lake, white sheet of light goes through me, wisdom of all animals fills, pours into me out of the water, the Hindu Gods come-I ask to be clean, Shiva(?) places his hands on either side of my head breaths into my head chakra, blackness pours out of my heart until it turns to grey pouring out. Energy goes into my left hand, I ask for all my wrong doings to be forgiven, freed. Shiva takes blackness as a ball of energy from my left hand, all Hindu Gods come and breath on it life, black ball of energy turns into colored bright light releases, rises above our heads and bursts like fireworks.

Next, I ask my stored pain to be released, black on left inside of me, Shiva reaches into me, pulls it out, it starts to rip so I let go, ripping stops and blackness comes out onto ground--on left -a dead thing all the Hindu Gods breath life into it, little girl stands up.

I welcome her into my heart, she enters in healed, is happy, plays a bit, she turns and faces my back inside me she has my back now.

2. I see the Lake as in a vertical positon through the center of my body. I feel her stillness and strength, aliveness. This feeling/awareness has remained within me, I often feel her or see the surface of the lake since this meditation. I was taken into the lake, felt like going home, entered face down, went down until we came to another lake surface, in that lake were RC members.

I have also felt a band around my head that may be a helmet and goggles around both my eyes. What I do see is in dim light, but there are pin-prick flashes of bright light and some speckles.

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