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I have a reverence for this stone as a teacher and guardian. There is a pathway inside it and the…

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Never owned a stone or crystal of any type before…

As someone who has never owned a stone or crystal of any type before, I was very excited and a bit skeptical about it all. But after getting it, I could feel it's presence take affect upon receiving it.

That first day with it was great, and the first meditation I did with the stone was at night and I got in a little argument before I started my meditation and I found that any lingering negative feelings were quickly transmuted into loving feelings much faster than it usually takes me. It was like I was hearing what I needed to hear louder and clearer than I normally would of in that situation. Everything was great and I put it inside my pillowcase at night...and to my surprise the next morning it was gone! I searched
everywhere it could of went from my sheets to around the bed and it was definitely just gone. Two days later I was gathering my laundry and found it in the small 5th pocket of a pair of pants I wore before I even got the stone! I felt very happy to have it back with me and I got it's message that this is for real loud and clear, to clarify any low level lingering doubts I might of had.

It's been a wonderful
experience since that I can feel my connection to it and it's lessons growing and growing. It's definitely worth every cent of the price! I can't wait to keep growing and discovering more and having the stone there to help me along!

Thanks so much!

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