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I love my Sulis Stone. I immediately felt a shift in my reality and was aware that there was a…

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Opening up to Shadow Traits

I have had the Aqua Sulis stone for only a couple days now, but can already feel the difference in my meditations.

The biggest shift so far is in helping me really feel and open up to my shadow traits... Even get friendly, or more compassionate towards them...

I could not really feel the concept of shadow, was a bit stuck on intellectually processing it and felt frustrated with the whole process. The energy of the Aqua Sulis Stone helped me really feel it, see it and become friends/ be able to get to know it and explore it. I almost feel a sweetness towards my shadow now, which is quite unexpected.... :)

Holding the stone during the meditation helps me somehow melt inside and be more fluid, accept different aspects/not be afraid or judgemental towards them.... Also, when held in specific areas of the body, the energy is very healing, I feel a prompting to move it to specific areas, let's say the heart, or the abdomen, or the throat, and feel the blockages being gently released. I feel very grateful for the Aqua Sulis Stone, thank you so very much!

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