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I'd like to say that the Sulis crystal is the most secretive stone I have ever encountered. I have…

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Seeing the Matrix a Lot

I have slept with the stone since I received it except while I was away for 2 weeks. Kept losing it in my sleep and was paranoid about losing it while away. The dreams and aluna-like experiences fell off dramatically.

I attributed it to the change in location. I am seeing again now that I am back home. Am now thinking it was because I did not take my stone with me. I have seen a partial open door @ 90 degrees to my right.

Also a hand with a green glove was being extended to me from 90 degrees to the Right.

Saw a table to my right and a white altar and a bowl on a stand behind me. I was given a round pole - a red wood with an ornate circular carving on top. Heard words coming from 45 degrees both from the left and right.

She is white came from the right and from the left heard, "Yes, she is very white." Oh my God, I thought, my shadow really needs to be cleaned up..... Have seen incredible bursts of lights like fireworks going off.

See the matrix a lot, especially upon awakening.

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