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While meditating with the stone on my forehead, saw and felt a blue-ish energy push my head down…

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Sleeping and Meditating with the Sulis Stone

My Sulis Stone has become a treasure to me. I carry it everywhere, sleep & meditate with it & it feels very special.

Nothing much of great interest has happened - no morph, visions or anything out of the ordinary. I am loving the RC lessons & articles & appreciate this wonderful opportunity. There is only one dream I would love to tell about as it seems special & I really enjoyed it. I see a white marble bust of Stuarts head in profile facing right (his left). The marble head slowly moves around so that the back is facing me & the front of marble head then appears in a round mirror - from my perspective I see straight into mirror. The marble face in mirror becomes Stuart’s real face. So real I felt I could reach out & touch it, but the looking face is still marble. Funny huh...

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