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Fir Salve

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Available Worldwide

The healing power of the mighty Fir tree,

Natives of the western coast of North American have used this as one of their traditional forest medicines for thousands of years. They used it to heal cuts, burns, wounds, sprains, bruises. Also, have antimicrobial and immune-stimulating properties. The pinch off the new growth is infused and add with our local beeswax base. And we add the little bit of calendula infuse oil and oregano infuse the oil. A tree that lives for over 500 years has a lot of knowledge to pass on. The calendula and oregano are from our little forest in a 100% sustainable way.

Lip balm

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Available Worldwide

Our New Organic Beeswax Lip Balm is a soothing treat for the lips.
Made from Canadian Beeswax with Calendula, Coconut Oil and more ...

All materials are 100% free from pesticides, herbicides and do not
contain any genetically modified materials. No animals were used for
testing, just a few nice humans.

Ingredients: Organic Bees Wax, Coconut Oil, Peppermint oil, Cocoa Butter
Calendula Oil, Hemp Oil.

Evening Star Tea

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Available Worldwide

Our herbal teas have been crafted, using organic ingredients.
Not in tea bags, our loose-leaf herbal tea is fragrant and delicious.
They are calming, refreshing and protecting tea.

Need a little Relaxation and Pick Up some more energy. Have a cup of this tea.

Ingredients; Lavender, Raspberry leaf, Lemon Verbena leaf, Chamomile flowers all organically grown.

Blue Spirit Essential oil

10 ml

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Available Worldwide

Spirit Essential Healing & Protection Oil
This fine oil protects your energy, soothes your body and clears your mind. The smallest of applications immediately releases our aromatic sweet peppermints. Rejuvenates with Roman and German chamomile while the Blue Tansy induces relaxation…

10 ml Glass bottle.