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Christos Water Bottle

Anomaly on the bottle

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The Christos Water contains the energies and codes of the Christos Anomaly; it is placed in a bottle inside a bottle so that you can touch it without changing the resonance of the water.

We use the water for healing and protection. It is the highly concentrated and much-evolved replacement for the Avalon Mist spray.

The Christos Anomaly is a phenomenon that occurs when the edge of two specific dimensional curves overlap each other pictured here. If you haven't already, you can read more about this through the related article link below.

text-ChristosThere is an almond-shaped created in the centre. Stuart's voice goes very deep, like a Basso Profondo in an opera. The anomaly only ever comes in when there are extremes of danger about, so that is why Stuart thought the water would be an excellent protection for people. Stuart has experienced the Christos anomaly 60--80 times in the last four years. Since this first occurred Stuart had visions of the water being available to people on an as needed basis. Though we had made the bottles several years ago, it took us until this fall to pass the pure water through the vortex of the anomaly and let it become imprinted with its energies. Stuart has touched a very drop during the lengthy process to produce the water...

Using the Christos Water Bottle

  • Put a few drops of the Christos Water in a larger container with pure water, like spring water and stir well. Then sprinkle a few drops of that water in every corner of your house with a prayer. It creates golden codes that repel dark energies and reinforces the light where you dwell.

  • Add a few drops to your bath water, and lay quietly for three minutes with the water covering your crown chakra.

  • Place the bottle under your pillow at night; it will resonate the celestial codes and keep you safe while you sleep, or place the bottle in its presentation box in a prominent place in the house.

  • Rub a few drops of the sacred water on you, if you have pain in your body.

  • Hold the bottle when you meditate, pray or using creative visualization techniques, let the resonance of the water merge with you and see what happens....

  • If you have a loved one that is going away for a bit and you’ll miss them, give them a minute quantity of the water in a little bottle, to take with them, so that both of you are more intimately connected while you are apart.

  • Stuart is sure you will find many unique and personal ways to use the Christos Water to enhance your journey. We invite you to share those experiences with us on this site.

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