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by Richard Tyler

Compact Disk - CD

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Ambient Music for Deep Relaxation and Meditation

An excerpt from All About's review of Fathoms by John W. Patterson:

 I am quite impressed with the sensitivities and skills of Richard Tyler when it comes to successfully putting together subtle tones, drones, and effects to create a theme of peace and moving the soul's waters towards The Calm. His ambient compositions are strongly recommended. Expect an Old School feel, the way electronic music artists did things 25 years ago. Tyler does employ some 21st century tools but I kept feeling like I had a classic reissue playing. Nice job Richard.

Fathoms is of course a nautical unit of depth measurement. It is an appropriate moniker for this release. Four movements; "Fathoms" 21:38, "Deep Blue Circle" 20:41, "Shiny Stones On The Bottom" 16:55, and "Surface Becomes Earth" 14:28, each transport the listener from shoreline to the depths back up for air, then on to the submarine trenches, past unseen aquatic dimensions, and finally back up for air, to rest in sunlight and surf.


1. Fathoms 21:38
2. Deep Blue Circle 20:44
3. Shiny Stones On The Bottom 16:55
4. Surface Becomes Earth 14:28

About Richard Tyler

Richard moved from Vancouver, Canada to New York in 1991, and studied classical keyboard and composition while mingling with the underground electronic music scene. After his studies he relocated to London where he recorded six ambient albums and several film sountracks. His most recently completed projects include the albums "Frequencies - Sounscapes of the London Tate Modern", "Omen", and a sound installation for Art Basel Miami.


 • Music composed, performed and produced by Richard Tyler
 • Recorded at Blue Tractor Studios, London, England.
 • Mastered by Bud Bremner of Coastal Mastering, Vancouver, Canada.
 • Vocal samples courtesy of Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices.
 • Artwork by Richard Tyler.
 • The artists website

© Tyler 2012