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I often meditate with the stone on my 3rd eye. I often feel pressure starting there and working…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order using a Credit Card, instead of a PayPal account?

You do not need to own or use a Paypal account to complete a purchase.

Instructions for Non-Paypal purchases:

1. Press the checkout button in the cart summary at the top right of the page.
2. Use the option titled, "Don't have a PayPal account?"
3. Use the credit card of your choice.
4. When asked if you would like to open a PayPal account, decline and continue your checkout as a guest.

Order Tracking

When your order has been shipped you will receive an email with a "confirmation of shipping" number in it. We realize that the postal program may refer to this number as a tracking number but it is not. We are not able to customize the text in these messages as they are generated by a program. Please do not worry your items are on their way and most will arrive as scheduled.

Bracelet Sizing

The Etheric Protection Bracelets are made in “one size fits most”, and they do this quite well. For those of you that already know you have much larger than average wrists, please add this information into the buyer description area in the check out process when purchasing any of the bracelets. By simply adding a note that says“ I need two extra stones for the “stone type" Bracelet in my order”. We are more then happy to include at no extra charge a few matching tourmaline crystals and an extra cord in case you need to adjust the bracelet to fit you better.

Does the clarity of the Aqua Sulis Stone affect how it works?

No, the resonances and energies that are embedded in the stone are there regardless of the clarity or inclusions. Each stone is unique, and we feel each person receives the stone that is meant for them.

My stone has changed its appearance, is this ok?

This is fine and not that uncommon for a stone to become clearer or become more cloudy in appearance.

How do I care for my Aqua Sulis Stone?

Detailed care information is located in the “How to & Care for” section of the web site, click here.

I’ve dropped my stone on hard surface and it broke, what can I do?

While the pieces will still contain the resonances and energies one must be very cautious as broken crystal can very extremely sharp. Maybe put the pieces in a very durable material and keep in a place you feel it could help the most, opposed to in your pocket ... I had a broken one fall on my foot during one of the blessings, the cut bled like crazy, it was quite a site.

Do you have a phone number I could call?

Technically yes, practically no, we are not at that stage of office administration right now, the Contact Us section is the fastest and most efficient way for us to respond to you questions and concerns.

How long will it take to receive my parcel?

This will depend mostly on your location, please let us know where you are and we will be happy to estimate the delivery time.

I’ve broken my bracelet, how can I fix it?

The fastest and easiest way is to take it to a local bead shop or jewelry store, as they will have the materials to restring it. If this is not available in your area you can send the bracelet back to us and we will repair it for you. Note our protection bracelets are double strung with a material that frays to warn you before it breaks.

Can you ship a parcel to a different address than the one I used for payment?

Yes, there is a ship-to box in the payment system during checkout that allows yo to enter a different shipping address from your billing or normal shipping address. If this is filled out during the payment proocess your order will go to this new address automatically.
If you finished purchasing the item and then remembered you wanted it shipped elsewhere you can write us using the contact page and make the request there. Please note if you wait to do this your package may have already been sent as our shipping department is very efficient.

I would like to send some items as gifts, can you ship them to my friends / relatives?

Gift packaging is not available at this time, if you wish to send an item to another address you will have to edit the ship to address during the final stages of the checkout process.

Will you be offering other products on this site in the future?

Yes, there are four other products currently in the works, best to register for the "Stay in the Know" email notified to be the first to know about new items and articles ... You can find the sign up box at the bottom of any page on the site.