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I get a distinct burning feeling in my hand when I hold it, thought it was my imagination, but…

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The Fringe Dwellers Guide to Almost Everything

Stuart Wilde LIVE in Las VegasIn this entertaining and informative audio series, Stuart Wilde lays out the tactics and nature of the Fringe Dwellers mentality -- how to be "of" the world but not really "in" the world. Use your Fringe Dwellers state of consciousness to develop a powerful plan to help you thrive and keep you on the fringes of what might be difficult times ahead.

NEW just released, never heard before, recording of Stuart Wilde live. We couldn't release it before, but it's time has come…This series has Stuart as his best, insightful, straight shooting and always so very funny.

This is his first full-length audio program since Journey Beyond Enlightenment. Never since the bestselling series 33 Steps Beyond the Earth Plane has Stuart been more in touch with what we can do ourselves to improve our lives and evolve beyond the insanity of our postmodern world…


Natives of the western coast of North American have used this as one of their
traditional forest medicines for thousands of years.

Lavender Spirit

One of the world’s most beautiful flowers yields a small miracle in a bottle.
The New Spirit Oil comes from 100% pure certified organic lavender.
10 ml Cobalt blue Glass with Stainless steel roller ball.

Lavender Spirit Spray

We’ve been making this for a long time now and have used
it at work and home to refresh and raise the energy.
It just hadn’t occurred to us to make it available to everyone,
until we were looking at the coming end of the Christos water,
and decided to make something super usable, practical and incredibly lovely.

The Fringe Dwellers Guide

In this entertaining and informative tape series,
Stuart Wilde lays out the tactics and nature of the
Fringe Dwellers mentality—how to be “of” the world but not really “in” the world.
Use your Fringe Dwellers state of consciousness to develop a
powerful plan to help you thrive and keep you on the fringes of
what might be difficult times ahead.

Blue Spirit Essential Healing Oil

Essential Healing Oil Blue Spirit Essential Healing & Protection Oil
This beautiful oil soothes your body and clears your mind.
The smallest of applications immediately release our aromatic sweet peppermints,
rejuvenates with Roman and German chamomile while the Blue Tansy induces relaxation…

Plum Red

Here is your chance to hold the first copies of Stuart Wilde's New Book Plum Red. The readers of the site and The Sacred Tears of Gaia are being offered the new hardcover edition before they arrive in the book stores later this fall.

Shipping dates

You may have noticed that two of our newest offerings (Plum Red & The Spirit of Lavender) have a planned ship date of August 15th.These items and the rest of your order will ship together in one parcel on that date. Please note the number you will receive in an email is a confirmation of shipping only and is not a tracking number. A service including a tracking number will be offered in the future but is not available at this time. This date does not affect any of the other products in our collections.

Orders & Shipping

!!! We are happy to be back shipping again now that the postal strike is over... ... Thank you for your patience...

New for Summer

Hi everyone... I thought I best write a small note to let you know what's new and on the horizon for the Sacred Tears of Gaia. Things have been quiet on the site but behind the scenes we have several projects and items in their final stages of development. And while I don't want to say too much before they are available, we are very excited to announce a new addition to our Black Tourmaline bracelet line including new stones, sizes, shapes and limited edition pieces custom made with sterling silver.
Also look for the Tolemac flags, our Soul of Lavender essential oils and the long awaited hard cover edition of Stuart Wilde's book Plum Red... just to name a few...
All the best,

First Edition Signed Copies – Grace Gaia and the End of Days

Each book is embossed, hand numbered and Stuart has personally inscribed a message and signed each copy. All of you who are ordering this keepsake book at this time are guaranteed a low number edition. It is destined to become quite a collector’s item and a wonderful opportunity for those of you like me who have followed Stuarts work for many years.

Look in the Articles & Media section or go to the Book Page to Read more…

New Music Album

The Mystery of the Sacred O
by Richard Tyler & Stuart Wilde

The Mystery of the Sacred O is the newest release and collaboration between renowned new age author Stuart Wilde, and music composer Richard Tyler. This album consists of twelve songs that honor the earth spirit Gaia, and the masculine (Ka), and feminine (Om) creative energies of our Universe. Meditative, ambient, and yet thought provoking, each song guides the listener through the heart, and offers an alignment to the perfect symmetry of love… read more

The Full Length Album is available now on Compact Disk and in a MP3 digital download. An update on the physical CD, yes it is in house and shipping today!

Come have a listen to a few sample tracks...

New Book Plum-Red

Plum-Red Taoist Tales of Old China, is Stuart Wilde’s latest book. It’s a book that comes from a connection he has deep within his soul. Much of his philosophy and teachings are rooted in the the essence of the Tao, and the book brings that energy through us as we read the pages.

I'm so very honored to help in my small part with this beautiful work.