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The Sulis Stone has become a friend during my evening meditation. It is sacred to me; it generates…

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The Fringe Dwellers Guide to Almost Everything

Stuart Wilde LIVE in Las VegasIn this entertaining and informative audio series, Stuart Wilde lays out the tactics and nature of the Fringe Dwellers mentality -- how to be "of" the world but not really "in" the world. Use your Fringe Dwellers state of consciousness to develop a powerful plan to help you thrive and keep you on the fringes of what might be difficult times ahead.

NEW just released, never heard before, recording of Stuart Wilde live. We couldn't release it before, but it's time has come…This series has Stuart as his best, insightful, straight shooting and always so very funny.

This is his first full-length audio program since Journey Beyond Enlightenment. Never since the bestselling series 33 Steps Beyond the Earth Plane has Stuart been more in touch with what we can do ourselves to improve our lives and evolve beyond the insanity of our postmodern world…